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How To Hire a Trusted Professional Locksmith

Don’t Get Locked into a Bad Deal - How to Hire a Professional Locksmith

If you’ve ever left your house in a rush, turned the lock and reached the bottom step only to realize a little too late that you’ve left your house and car keys on the kitchen table, this can be a moment of extreme frustration and anxiety, especially if you’re running late and have to be somewhere. Not to fear! Your trusted locksmith professional is near.

Hopefully you have your phone on you. Take a moment to Google the nearest locksmiths. Before calling, check Yelp and The Better Business Bureau for ratings and reviews from customers. You don’t want to end up with a scammer!

Finding a certified professional locksmith is critical to any lock-out situations. A professional locksmith can also help you review the security of your home and vehicle while recommending newer, more advanced solutions to keep you safe and secure.

Finding a Professional Locksmith

As a home and vehicle owner, it’s important to hire a qualified person for the job. Many so-called locksmiths are amateurs who simply watched how-to videos online, or have minimal experience picking basic lock systems. Others are scam artists and need to be avoided at all costs. One way to verify the authenticity and professionalism of your locksmith is to find out if they are licensed or certified and insured. An excellent locksmith will have credentials and experience working with a variety of locking mechanisms and home and car security systems. He or she will be knowledgable about loss prevention techniques, properly securing your car and home, and most importantly, servicing a lock without causing damage to your keys or the locking mechanism. A professional locksmith should be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Make sure the locksmith is technologically proficient and understands more complex systems such as biometric ones.

What to do if you get locked out

It might be useful to do some research in the event of an emergency and keep a few locksmith’s phone numbers in your wallet or purse just in case. If you’re in a hurry and need work done fast, you can research the company online and ask to see their license when the locksmith arrives. It’s a national policy in the United States for locksmiths to carry a license with them at all times. If you have been locked out of your vehicle, you can try calling roadside assistance for help. Some roadside assistance plans include locksmith services for an extra charge. If you’re on the side of the road, or it’s dark out, try to stay in the light as much as you can. Call a friend and stay on the phone. If anyone besides a locksmith approaches you, don’t speak to them. Only speak to the locksmith and be sure to verify their credentials when they arrive. Another thing, you can check the type of car they drive and see if their company logo is on the side.

Getting an Estimate

Do not only get your estimate over the phone. Request a written estimate when the locksmith arrives and make sure they stick to it in the unfortunate case you find the rate has arbitrarily gone up when the locksmith arrives. You can also expect to pay more on holidays, weekends, or in the case of an emergency call. Costs range from $152 (National average) and can range from anywhere from $50 and $350 depending on your area, type of lock being serviced, and if it’s an emergency call or not. Be sure to call three or four locksmiths and get several quotes before deciding on one. Explain your lock problem and make sure the companies you call have experience with your particular issue. Make sure the locksmiths you call are locally based and professionally certified. Some companies advertising in your area may not be local. Also, avoid scam companies where you only get a recorded message such as “locksmith service” you may want to hang up and try a different company. Interview the locksmith to verify their certification, experience, and on-the-job training.

Changing Your Locks

Are you renting your place out through Airbnb, or broke up with your ex and need to change the locks ASAP? Here are some quick tips to help you navigate smoothly and seamlessly. Costs can very tremendously from $30 to $300! It depends on the type of security system you have, and the type of lock you have. All locks are different. You could have new locks put in, but that will cost you. Rekeying is another potentially more cost-effective option, but it depends on a variety of factors. Rekeying can also be costly and complex. Rekeying requires a locksmith or homeowner to rotate the pins inside the cylinder to match the grooves of your new set of keys. Depending on the technology and age of the locking mechanisms, this can be time-consuming but could be a less expensive option to your lock changing needs. If you want to save more money, you can purchase a rekeying kit and do it yourself. Some kits start at $8 and can go up to higher than $300. Consider other factors such as time and the vulnerability of your locking mechanism. Starting costs for rekeying runs around $19 and goes up from there. Basic locks will take little time to rekey, with more complex locks costing more in time and money. If you are having trouble understanding this, you’re probably better off hiring a locksmith and having them access your situation.

Smart Door Locks

The future is here and technology is changing the functions of our every day lives. The rise of smart home technology includes smart door locks that you can program via your smart phone, bluetooth or wifi, and some that use your own fingerprints to allow entry. Some of the top rates locks of 2017 are listed below: August Smart Lock HomeKit, Schlage Sense, Poly-Control Danalock V2 BT, Kwikeset Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock, Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock.